How to Install Chordz
Chordz is extremely easy to install and remove. It takes less than 30 seconds to install your Chordz. Please check the video to understand the process in more detail.

Make sure

  • Chordz is placed parallel to the sides of the guitar neck
  • Chordz is at a slight angle to avoid the buzz
  • Chordz is placed just before the 3rd fret
  • To use the cloth when you tighten the screw to prevent injuries

Do read about our happy customers

Customers Review


Amazing product, finally I learned to play guitar after years of struggle. Nothing can be simple than this – Sagarika Jain

Value for money. I had actually brought my guitar in my engineering its been 6 years now and finally now with the help of Chordz I can play guitar. – Anand Dutta

Chordz is the most economical, effective and useful guitar learning system in the world – Ashutosh Kumar Yadav

It is like effortless learning, superb product keep going team Chordz – Parv Shroff

The best way to learn guitar, effective – Palak Sharma

Playing guitar does not hurt my finger anymore – Nilanjana Shah

I don’t think so I will ever go to my old school again. Chordz is so comfortable – Ria Jain

I learned guitar in like 10 minutes. it is so easy – Naveed Azeem

It’s so addictive – Jigar Mundra

Even my grandmother leaned guitar hehe so cool – Prashant Singh

10 years of struggle to learn guitar due to time, and Chordz you guys helped me in 20 minutes, that’s something difficult for me to digest even now, but I am happy – Vaibhav Agarkar

The product can play any song in the world, who would have thought this – Vineeth

It is the next entertainment for my home – Abhilasha Agrawal

I thought I would give up my dream of learning guitar, but Chordz is the best product – Aniket Kulkarni

I can’t believe within one hour I was actually playing guitar – Anu Agrawal

It is so simple to use – Anuradha Kaul

From years I was thinking of joining classes but I was unable to due to my time restriction, now with Chordz I actually learned guitar – Bhumi Patkar

The team is super cool, they have always been there to support us – Niraj Kumar

I always wanted to play guitar and now I can play it – Akansha Jain

Simply awesome – Rahul Harsha

Everyone now wants to play Chordz at home, I had to buy a new guitar for my kids so that they don’t fight anymore I really like the product – Animesh Ganguly

.It is so far the coolest guitar teacher in India – Akshay Singh

I have to hide my guitar from the kids now, r, it is really addictive for them. But the product is super cool – Vishal Oswal

Solves the purpose – Sushmita Sahu

For me, guitar craze started since the time I watched Salman Khan in Oh oh jane Jaana and strumming to that tune was on my bucket list since I was 16. Now at 25, I have finally ticked it off with the help of CHORDZ! And that too within 30 minutes – Sahil Khan

I had a guitar tutor giving me guitar lessons with the most boring exercises and patterns, I couldn’t bear it for more than a month and then I came to know of CHORDZ that let me play my favorite songs within 30 minutes and guess what they also have an interactive platform with a number of guitarists who helps me out while learning it and its easily accessible. If you want to GUITAR IT? CHORDZ IT! – Avineet Saluja

I have been writing songs since I was 12 but they remained in my notebooks till the time I got CHORDZ. The look of the product, the feel everything gets to you. It is super easy to handle and use. Now I not only write my songs but also compose them and sing them. 30 minutes was all it took to live my childhood dream – Pooja Kaur

40-year-old, working professionally with a wife and kids. Life was pretty much the same except the times I would hit the cafes and find a young teenager with guitar and songs which reminded me of my teenage and my love for guitar. So after going through an online hunt for the best guitar teacher, I ended up at CHORDZ which promised to learn guitar in 30 minutes and they have delivered the promise. I can even request the team for the lessons on my fav song and they help me out with it. – Anupam Venkat

It is more simple than making Maggie – Nikhil Kumar

.Learning guitar could never be this simple in the world – Suraj Singh

I was never able to play guitar before, you guys made it so simple now I can play any song in the world, so cool thanks – Sayali Shrivastava

It is the next party mood maker, we played guitar and made some great memories – Sakshi

It’s so real and connecting – Puneet Patel

After understanding the product, I was so attached to it I was actually thinking of playing guitar even at the office – Shamit Shroff

I look up to play all my favorite songs, which I missed – Shalini Vijay

I keep the guitar and Chordz one of the mandatory things now when I travel, it helps me to create so many great memories – Jai Nair

My Mother and I play guitar and sing old songs almost every day before we go to sleep, it is almost like my 90’s experience so spending time with family – Monisha

Simply a genius product – Manish Rai

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