Learn Chordz with the best musicians and guitarists of India

If you are facing difficulties in learning guitar or your hectic schedule is restricting you to be regular with your guitar classes, then Chordz is the best gadget for you.


Chordz is the coolest guitar learning gadget in India. With the help of Chordz, you can experience playing guitar in less than 30 minutes. With the understanding of simple chord shifts and strumming patterns, you will be able to play guitar, effortlessly from your first lesson.


Learn guitar with Amaan Shah

Amaan Shah is one of the finest singer, guitarist and music composer in India. His work is honoured and loved by millions of people across the globe on the internet. He along with various amazing guitarist, YouTubers and musicians will be helping you to learn guitar with the help of Chordz.

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The lectures are simple, easy to understand and result oriented.

Playing guitar reduces your stress, makes you feel happy and creates special moments at your gatherings. So, get your Chordz today and create awesome memories with your loved ones.